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Lock Schedule & Fees


Boats entering the Peterborough Lift Lock, #21  

2018 Hours Of Operation
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 May 18 - June 21

Monday to Thursday
Opening – 10:00 am
Last Lockage – 4:00 pm

Friday to Sunday + Holidays
Opening – 9:00 am
Last Lockage – 7:00 pm

 June 22 - September 3

Monday - Thursday
Opening – 9:00 am
Last Lockage – 6:00 pm

Friday - Sunday + Holidays
Opening - 9:00 am
Last Lockage - 7:00 pm
 September 4 - October 8
Monday to Thursday
Opening - 10:00 am
Last Lockage - 4:00 pm

Friday - Sunday
Opening – 9:00 am
Last Lockage – 5:00 pm

Thanksgiving Day (Oct. 8)
Opening – 9:00 am
Last Lockage – 5:00 pm
A note from Parks Canada about last lockage times:
Check With Lock Masters To Confirm Times
  - At most locks, boaters must arrive at least 30 minutes before the last lockage time

  - At swing bridges, the last bridge swing will be 20 minutes prior to closing time.

  - Station opening and closing times, as well as first and last lockage, are not guaranteed and may be affected by water management duties, maintenance activities or other types of navigation interruptions.


2018 Fees (Includes HST)
(Updated Februray/18)

Note that remainder of fees (mooring, etc.) will still be in effect.

Lock passes can be purchased at most lock stations or by mail:
Trent-Severn Waterway National Historic Site, P.O. Box 567
Peterborough, Ontario
K9J 6Z6

Lock Passes can also be purchased online through Parks Canada AT THE CURRENT RATES.
Note: These fees are applicable to the ENTIRE Trent Severn Waterway.
6 Day Passes can be used on ANY six days - one does not have to use them concurrently.
For example, one could travel through the locks on a particular Saturday, stay at a destination until the following Saturday and travel back through the locks for a day.That would only count as TWO days usage.

Single Lock and Return Pass
One Day Pass
Transit One Way Pass
Six Day Pass
Seasonal Pass
Seasonal Pass - Rental House Boat
Seasonal Pass - Commercial

Overnight (includes day mooring) $0.90 per foot
Overnight - Seasonal
$9.80 per foot
Overnight - Seasonal Commercial
$19.60 per foot

Electric Power Hookup
Available at a limited number of locks. Call the ahead to confirm availability

Murray Canal, Lake Ontario
(Brighton Road +
Carrying Place Swing Bridges)
Per Swing (of the bridge)
Seasonal Bridge Swing              

Car Parking
Peterborough Liftlock Visitor Centre, Nassau Mills, Youngs Point, Burleigh Falls, Bobcaygeon, Rosedale, Kirkfield, Bolsover, Talbot, Lakeshore Road - just west of Gamebridge Lock #41, Port Severn)
Per Hour
Per Day      
Burleigh Falls - Seasonal, Non Reserved
Burleigh Falls - Seasonal, Reserved

Boat Launching, Burleigh Falls
Per Day
Per Season                       

Waiting inside Lock #41 at Gamebridge  

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