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The Trent-Severn Waterway is situated in Ontario, Canada and travels from Lake Ontario in the south-east to Georgian Bay (Lake Huron) in the north-west. As illustrated in the following map, driving by car, it is within 1 - 2 hours of Toronto and can be reached within a day or two from such cities as New York, Detroit or Buffalo. Of course, one can head here by water from these points as well, as it is centrally located within the Great Lakes basin.
The following Google Map shows the highly detailed small craft route as it spans the entire system, as well as all of the locks along the way.
You can click on the place markers for more information on the individual locks:

Looking a little closer, the route comes into view traveling through the different regions of the Waterway:

The Trent Region includes the official 'Start' of the system, at Trenton and continues northward along g the Trent River and Canal, onto Rice Lake and the Otonabee River:
Trent Area Map

At the top end of the Otonabee River sits the city of Peterborough, and the beginning of the Kawartha Region. Filled with numerous towns, lakes and rivers, this region passes includes a wide variety of things to see and places to stay - as well as the world's 1st and 2nd highest lift locks:Kawartha Area Map

Continuing westward, one first enters Lake Simcoe and moves onto Lake Couchiching.in the Simcoe Region:

Simcoe Area Map


The Severn Region extends from the top of Lake Couchiching, onto the Severn River portion to the westerly end of the system at Georgian Bay;
Severn Area Map

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