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Severn Region Information

TheWaterway.ca - Severn Region

This portion of the Waterway flows along the waters of Sparrow Lake, Severn River and Gloucester Pool.

A look at Lock #42 - Couchiching Lock. A nice spot to spend a day and night or two;

Passing up bound through Lock $43 - Swift Rapids lock. This lock has the highest lift of any of the conventional locks on the system, raising and lowering boats 47 feet;

Here is a video clip passing through the Severn River, traveling eastward from Lock #43 (Swift Rapids Lock) to Lock #42 (Couchiching Lock). This 8 minute video was compressed from a two hour 'real time' clip;

Riding The Rails At The Big Chute
assing through Lock #42 (Couchiching) one enters the Severn River and Trent Canal. Bordered by waterfront homes and cottages, this gentle stretch  runs up to Sparrow Lake. Beyond Sparrow, the river displays a more rugged and untamed nature.
  This landscape is most impressive at the Big Chute (Lock #44), where boaters change elevations by way of a marine railway. The railway car moves on tracks into the water, where boaters simply drive over it, awaiting remotely operated straps to lift them out of the water. Once loaded, the railway car moves up and over the summit of the Chute and back down to the opposing body of water where the boats are off loaded and simply drive away form the railway car.

Have a look at a great weekend voyage from Lock 43, Swift Rapids, over the Big Chute Marine Railway and on to Port Severn.;

Sunny Day On The Severn
  The heavily forested shoreline of the Severn River area is pierced by rocky granite outcrops of the Canadian Shield.
 The well marked route takes the traveler through a constantly changing vista with everything from blue water bays, narrow passages, man made cuts and small islands.

Passing through McDonald's Cut on the Severn River;

A Port Severn Sunset

 The hardy nature can be enjoyed whether moving on the waterway, at anchor in one of the protected bays, or docked at a local marina.
 The views and memories are sure to keep you wanting to return again and again.

Severn Region Fun Facts . . .

 Swift Current (Lock #43) has the highest lift (47 feet) of all the conventional locks. It was built to replace a temporary marine railway that had serviced that spot.

  Did you know that, although The Big Chute Marine Railway is the only one of it's kind in North America, there is actually 2 of them?
 The second sits a couple hundred feet to the north and was the original, much smaller marine railway. Built in 1911, it is only used if the current one were to break down, or need servicing. The current one was constructed as it's replacement in 1977.

 The lock at Port Severn (#45) is the narrowest, at only 23 feet wide.

 Heading out from Port Severn in the early morning . . .
Morning Run

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