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Trent Region Information

TheWaterway.ca - Trent Region

   The Trent Region extends from the southeastern most point of the system at Lake Ontario to the western reaches of Rice Lake and includes the waters of the Trent River and the Murray Canal.
The Murray Canal is a 5 mile (8 km) long cut built in the 1880's as a direct route from the western approaches of Lake Ontario.

   This portion of the Waterway has a total of 18 locks, including 2 sets of flight locks and hosts a number of attractions that vary from the largest air force base in Canada - Canadian Forces Base Trenton, to the Ranney Gorge Suspension Bridge.

Gateway Bridge  The official start of the Trent-Severn Waterway is located where the Trent River flows into Lake Ontario, at the Bay Of Quinte.

 Here, you would find yourself in the community of Trenton, known as 'The Gateway To The Trent-Severn'.

  Trenton, along with the communities of Glen Millar, Batawa, Frankford and Glen Ross are all located along the Trent River and form the City Of Quinte West.

  Suspension BridgeContinuing north-west, one enters the area of Trent Hills which includes the communities of Campbellford and Hastings.

   Visitors to Campbellford are in for some adventure by walking over the 300' long Ranney Gorge Suspension Bridge, which hangs 30 feet above the Trent River.
  Located farther north an known as 'The Hub Of The Trent', Hastings welcomes visitors with their new municipal marina, located at the top side of the Lock #18.

   West of Hastings, the Trent River flows from Rice Lake, connecting travelers to the Otonabee River.

Trent Region Fun Facts . . .

  Rice Lake is the 2nd largest lake on the system.

 There is a giant $2 coin in Campbellford, paying tribute to the creator, local artist Brent Townsend.

  The only flight locks along the Waterway are located here - and there are two of them, at Ranney Falls (Locks #11/12) and Healey Falls Flight Lock (Locks #16/17).

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